The limping marathon runner!

I have spent the last two weeks limping around everywhere and wondering if I would be able to continue my training. It all started when I ran a half marathon in new trainers. Apparently this is not a good idea? I found out the hard way. I was seemingly fine for a few days after running it and was feeling really good about my training. It was only when I was leaving a playgroup with the children that I nanny 4 days later and I couldn’t walk properly that I realised I might have done myself some damage. That evening I numbed the pain by drinking too much prosecco and thoroughly hoped that I would wake up pain free. I did not. I spent three hours in my local walk-in centre waiting to see a nurse to be told that it is just soft tissue damage and to take some ibuprofen and rest it. After two weeks of ‘rest’ (ie carrying on as normal but not running at all 😭) I finally managed to brave the gym last week. I only ran for about 10 minutes on the treadmill (treadmills are so boring!) but finally felt like I was back in action and strong enough to carry on my training. I have since done two more gym sessions and a 10k run. 

( this is my half marathon route)

I have bought some insoles for my trainers to allow for the ‘abnormally high arch'(nurses words not mine) in my feet. These seem to be working a treat and I am looking forward to throwing myself back into training. With less than 6 weeks until the big day, I’m certainly feeling the pressure but really looking forward to the atmosphere and the challenge of it all.
I’m putting myself through all of this madness for a wonderful charity called Let them help themselves out of poverty. They do fabulous community regeneration work in rural Uganda and are currently providing girls and women with sustainable ways to manage their menstrual hygiene. If you would like to sponsor me and give to this amazing charity, please click HERE


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