Less than 11 weeks to go!!!

I attended the London Marathon ‘Meet the experts’ day on Saturday. There were 12 guest speakers, each with their own personal experience of the marathon and lots of helpful tips. The main thing drummed into us was that the marathon is only 78 days away (74 today 😦). I enjoyed the day a lot more than I expected to as all of the guest speakers were raving about how much fun the day will be and what a huge achievement it will be! I particularly appreciated the advice on nutrition and injury prevention as I am terrified of either eating all of the wrong things and not having enough energy to run or doing some awful damage to my legs. I feel much better equipped to get the most out of my training now than I did before.


In other news, I’ve started my new job which I am loving! I’m only doing 3 days a week so it still leaves lots of time for training which is super convenient.

 I’ve decided to work towards finishing the marathon in 4 and a half hours meaning I should be aiming to run a steady pace of 10 min/mile. Sounds easy now but I imagine it’s not so easy when you have 26 miles to keep a steady pace!!

My training is going rather well. I’m trying to do 3 runs per week and do some cross training in between to strengthen my legs. I have mainly been sticking to routes around where I live but have done the odd Richmond park/Horsell common run which has been nice. I’m not a big fan of running the same route over and over again so finding different places to run is good.

This morning I ran from my house to Richard’s office in Chertsey. I took the scenic route along the river and was treated to lunch when I got there! I was so full up that I had to catch the train home 😳

I am SO grateful to everybody who has sponsored me so far. I’m working really hard to prepare for the big day and every single donation, big or little, really motivates me to get out there in this awful weather and give it all I’ve got! If you haven’t yet sponsored me and are feeling super generous, my Virgin Money giving page is HERE!


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