Why am I doing this?

Welcome to my blog. I have never written one before so this may take some getting used to!

For a while now I’ve known that I was going to be running the marathon in April but it has really only just sunk in as it’s happening this year! Training is going well so far. My legs ache suitably most of the time!

I want to explain a little about the charity I am running for. They are called Let Them Help Themselves out of Poverty. This wonderful charity works with the people of Ruhanga, a rural village in Uganda. They supply these people with skills and education to help them improve their lives.

The campaign that I am fundraising for is called Skills for Girls. This initiative aims to help the girls of Ruhanga gain marketable skills in order for them to find work or create their own employment opportunities.

One big problem that these girls face is menstrual hygiene. Many girls in the village cannot afford to buy sanitary towels. This often means that they are too ashamed to go to school when they are menstruating. As you can imagine, this can mean that they fall behind the rest of the class and sometimes even leads to girls dropping out of school.

LTHT is tackling this problem head on. They have found a way of making their own reusable sanitary towels. They provide the girls with the materials and skills to make them in Ruhanga. This means that they are not only now getting the sanitary towels they so need to continue their schooling but they are also learning a valued skill in making these products.

I feel very passionately about this cause. If you’d like to help me with my fundraising then please kindly donate on my virgin money giving page-  Donate here!

Click here to learn more about LTHT



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